How to Defend Your Journalism

Trusting News logoTrusting News, a nonprofit research and training project that empowers journalists to demonstrate credibility and earn trust, developed a five-part series for ONA20 Everywhere that shares why and how to defend your journalism. While the series explains standing up for your work through the lens of political coverage, the concepts shared are applicable to any area of reporting. No video is longer than five minutes, and you can watch the series below in any order.

While Trusting News created this series for ONA20 Everywhere, any journalist can schedule a one-on-one coaching session about building trust — or any other issue impacting you or your newsroom — at no cost here.

How to fight back when people discredit your political coverage

In the partisan world we live in, you know you will likely receive criticisms and accusations about your political coverage. Are you ready to respond? Learn why you shouldn’t ignore claims of bias and how you can strategically, efficiently and effectively defend your work.

Correct the misunderstandings that drive some attitudes about journalism

Most non-journalists don’t know how journalists do their jobs. And why should they? We don’t do a great job of explaining it. Learn how you can correct misassumptions about journalism while building trust in your work.

Tell your own story. You’re part of “the media” but don’t let that define you

Trust in “the media” is low and in some cases, there may be good reason for that. But, you’re part of “the media” too, right? And you produce honest, ethical, trustworthy content, right? Learn how to differentiate your journalism from the rest and build trust in the process.

Get credit for the ethics and fairness behind your election coverage

Journalists have ethics? No way? As a journalist, you know how hard you work to be fair and ethical, but do your users? Probably not. Get tips on how you can discuss your ethics and fairness this election season.

Retain subscriptions and thrive financially

Journalism costs money. Have you talked about this with your users? Do they know why supporting you is important to the communities you serve? Talking about your value is an important way to build trust and Trusting News has some advice on how you can do it.