About ONA20 Everywhere

The Online News Association will host its 21st annual conference everywhere, all at once, Oct. 1 – 16, 2020. Our global journalism innovation festival will be virtual, offering interactive collaboration with some of the most innovative minds in digital media, including journalists, media executives, product teams, entrepreneurs and educators.

ONA20 Everywhere will offer numerous ways to engage with peers, colleagues and amazing talent. Our creative community ranges from experienced veterans at international news outlets to representatives from major tech companies to leaders of local news startups to those just getting started in their media careers. You’ll have the opportunity to check out product demos and interact with sponsors knowledgeable about the ins and outs of their tools. Layer that with innovative networking and social events, and you’ll be part of a professional and fun experience unlike any other virtual event you’ve participated in.

In short, ONA20 Everywhere will offer more than two weeks of learning, as well as opportunities to connect with journalism’s best and brightest, in a fun and energetic way. Need more information about the value of attending the conference? Check out more reasons why ONA20 Everywhere is worth the investment.

For up-to-date information on registration and opportunities to volunteer at ONA20, please check out our opportunities page and sign up for our newsletter.


Participant Questions

When will registration open?

We will open registration summer 2020. Subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on Twitter or join our ONA20 Facebook group to get the latest.

What will ONA20 Everywhere cost?

Since ONA20 Everywhere is an online experience, we’ll have some savings from the costs of an in-person event and it won’t be as expensive as our usual annual gathering. That said, we’re putting a lot of resources into making ONA20 Everywhere the best possible virtual experience, so there will be a cost to participate. More information is coming soon.

Does ONA give complimentary registration to media covering the event?

Since ONA is an event for journalists, we do not offer press passes. We do have many opportunities to get involved with our conference, offering hundreds of complimentary badges.

What bandwidth / hardware needs will ONA20 Everywhere require?

You will need to be able to stream video, and have your operating systems up-to-date. To the extent possible, we are working to provide browser-based experiences for the most part. Certain sessions, networking events and sponsor opportunities may require additional applications; we’re still working on that. We’ll post requirements here as soon as we know them.

Workshops or collaborative sessions may call on people to have even more niche software, or collaborate in Google Docs or similar applications. We plan to list all requirements for every single session in advance, so you can be ready to go on the day. Once the schedule is posted, please visit your specific session to see if there are any additional requirements.

Will I be on screen? Should I be concerned about privacy, how I look or what I’m wearing?

We’ll be offering a mix of participatory and lean-back events for ONA20 Everywhere. Each individual session or event will tell you ahead of time whether you will be using your device’s camera or not, so you can make the appropriate judgment call from there. Since we anticipate many people will be self-isolating or under stay at home orders, casual attire is fine.

What if I already made reservations at the original host hotel for ONA20?

We’ve provided information on how to inquire about a refund on our hotel page.

Midway and Sponsor Questions

One of the reasons I go to the annual ONA conference is to meet with or discover companies and products. Will that be possible in a virtual conference?

You bet! ONA is working on several ways to continue to connect attendees to Midway participants, sponsors and supporters of the digital journalism community. We are exploring a variety of options to have group and one-to-one interactions, as well as larger networking events.

I have sponsored ONA conferences in the past because I rely on the event to develop professional connections with different news companies and representatives from throughout the digital news industry. Will that be possible in a virtual conference?

Yes. From early conversations, we anticipate decision-makers throughout digital journalism will participate in this year’s event. ONA is working on a variety of ways to connect sponsors, supporters and Midway participants with ONA20 Everywhere attendees. These include group and one-to-one interactions, as well as larger networking events.

How can I sponsor ONA20 Everywhere?

We have many opportunities to support ONA20 Everywhere. Please email jessica@journalists.org to discuss opportunities and ask questions about our plans.

What are the benefits of sponsoring ONA20 Everywhere?

Sponsoring ONA20 Everywhere means that you are supporting journalism and our organization in a time when the global news  industry is facing considerable challenges.

Why should I sponsor a virtual conference when you’ve never done something at this scale before?

We know that sponsoring a major virtual conference could pose a challenge. ONA is uniquely positioned to deliver a phenomenal experience in a virtual environment. We’re proud to stand at the cross-section of news and tech and to help  shepherd partnerships and new opportunities. We also have years of feedback and data to help guide us and expand our reach even further than before – connecting you to forward-thinking professionals across digital news and journalism technology.

We see this as a simultaneous learning and teaching moment. Hosting an event of this size, for our audience, is uncharted. But our community of innovators are used to us experimenting with new formats. They will be supportive of our efforts.

Will there be a version of the Start-Up Alley?

Yes, we will continue to support companies two years and younger by creating opportunities specific to their needs and budget.

Will there be Midway Programming?

Yes, there will be Midway Programming throughout ONA20 Everywhere. Applications for the Midway Demos and the Midway Suggestion Box for session ideas will be coming in June. To ensure that you hear details about Midway Programming when they are unveiled, please email midway@journalists.org.

Other questions?

Contact registration@journalists.org.

Code of Conduct

Staff, supporters, volunteers, attendees and speakers are expected to adhere to ONA’s Code of ConductPlease note this may receive updates to reflect our virtual gathering. Updates will be made before registration opens in summer 2020.