Gaze Into Space Through NASA’s Eyes

  • Tuesday, Oct 13 – 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM ET (19:30 – 20:30 UTC)
  • Not available virtually
  • #ONA20
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We said ONA20 Everywhere … and we meant it. Blast off and check out the latest in space exploration with Elizabeth Landau, Senior Communications Specialist at NASA Headquarters. This event, tailored specifically for ONA attendees, will touch on major milestones in NASA history, telescopes sending back stunning images right now, and probes that will be launching and landing soon.

Ms. Landau, who produces the popular NASA podcast "Gravity Assist,“ will guide the tour and leave ample time for questions. We recommend downloading the NASA’s Eyes app in advance of this tour if you want to play along at home.

Note: since this is a social event, materials are not intended for attribution in media articles. However, our presenter would be more than happy to connect you with a scientist for interviews or statements if you do want to follow up on the information included here.

This session is designed for: