Kristen Rogers

  • Features Freelance Associate Writer
  • CNN

In 2019 I graduated with a BA in journalism from Georgia State University. I value journalism because aside from encapsulating all of my passions, it has the power to inform, educate and serve as a catalyst for needed change. My dream is that my work influences lives and generates positive change. I laid the foundations for my reporting skills as a news reporter and, later, an investigative reporter, with Georgia State's The Signal newspaper. After graduation, I worked with NPR-affiliate Georgia Public Broadcasting as a digital news intern. This past fall, I reported and contributed to stories as an intern for CNN Health, where I worked alongside producers to research for investigative reporting by Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen and Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta. I continued to work with CNN in 2020 as an intern with Digital Features, where I wrote feature stories on wellness, space and science, style and travel. I’ve been thrilled to stay on with Digital Features as a freelance associate writer.