Cultivating Psychological Safety on Intersectional and Remote Teams

In this session, we’ll learn research-based strategies leadership can implement for cultivating psychological safety, promoting equity, and driving peak performance across an intersection of identities.

Psychological safety (PS) is the shared belief that a team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking. Improvement of PS through an intersectional lens is a direct path to individual and team success. However, the same pathway to PS is not equitably offered to all. In this session, I will teach attendees research-based strategies for increasing PS, improving equity, and amplifying marginalized voices. In addition leaders, managers, and executives will be invited to reflect on their own experiences of PS, and share strategies that they use for cultivating PS on their teams and in their sector. Attendees will leave this session with a working definition of PS, an understanding of PS through a lens of equity and intersectionality, and many specific, research-based strategies for cultivating PS as a foundation for peak performance in their workplace.

All of the session content is rooted in a two year qualitative research study I conducted through Bank Street Graduate School of Education along with my 10 years of experience in adult education, leadership and building team dynamics. Beyond my own research, three decades of studies conducted by individuals and institutions in this field indicate the value of cultivating peak performance and how its practical application can support the development of quality products, and lead radical transformation at work.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Sarah Rose Belok
    Agile Process Leader, Certified Scrum Master, and builder of remote team dynamics across continents and the expanses of the internet,