How the bottom of your page drives your bottom line

What if we told you that the most valuable area of your site is below the fold? It’s not the click-baity headline, or an extreme POV, or even how often your content is shared on Twitter. It’s the ability to engage users, foster community, and civility that distinguishes winning publishers from others.

As we navigate through a global crisis, and the world goes online to stay informed and connected, it is even more apparent that the health of society depends on our ability to have quality conversations. Publishers are the hosts of our collective cultural curiosity – setting the stage for these discussions, and providing critical context and guidance through treacherous and stressful times. They provide critical information, escape, comfort, and thought-provoking ideas that people want to talk about. And yet, many are leaving discussion to occur on external platforms or social media, choosing to disengage from the audience that gives them purpose.

It’s time to change this.

With more than 700 publishers, and 100 million active users, we have gathered and analyzed data about the most impactful strategies to engage users and create publisher sustainability. In this session, you will learn how increased audience interaction around your stories drives long-term business value for your publication. It’s time to stop ignoring the bottom line.
We’ll share tips for building community, how to recognize who your core audience is, and how to turn this engagement into revenue.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Nadav Shoval
    CEO & Co-Founder, Spot.IM