How to create a nimble newsletter workflow to quickly address a changing news situation or test out an idea

Practical solves for common pain points to help you go from concept to launch in less time

Newsletters are the perfect medium to easily cover quickly changing news situations as they occur. We live in a reality where fewer people need to do more, and launching additional initiatives is challenging. The key to being able to test out new ideas is to have a repeatable workflow for launching new newsletters.

Driven by the news and the community’s need for information, a new talent, idea or initiative in the newsroom, there are plenty of reasons to start a newsletter. But they all come with different challenges and opportunities. We share some of them.

Some key takeaways of this session are:
* Learning to create an adaptable infrastructure
* Questions to ask in order to vet new ideas
* How to launch quality initiatives without exponentially increasing effort

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Kim Bode
    Product Manager, Newsletters & Messaging, Los Angeles Times
  • Jacqueline Boltik
    CEO, Yellowbrim