How to prevent bias from impacting your election coverage

While the view from nowhere doesn’t serve your audience well, unintentional biases from everywhere can be prevented if we better understand the different types and forms of bias.

News consumers frequently forget that their own biases influence the way they evaluate news coverage. In fact, they often believe that most bias in news is overt (rather than perceived and debatable) and intentional (rather than incidental). But in a moment when politicians all too often make misstatements of fact, newsrooms have to make hard choices about how to handle their coverage and charges of bias frequently follow those decisions. In this panel, we’ll explore the different types and forms of bias to ensure that your coverage is as fair and responsive to your audience as possible.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Peter Adams
    Senior Vice President of Education, News Literacy Project
  • Joy Mayer
    Director, Trusting News