#JuntasMejores: putting underrepresented issues on the agenda through collaborative journalism

In this session we will share lessons and challenges of multidisciplinary collaboration, which we believe is the future of independent and engaging journalism that includes all voices.

The aim of this panel is to share experiences, learnings, challenges, and possibilities of collaborative and interdisciplinary work. The mediathons organized by Chicas Poderosas in Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia will be discussed, to learn how these experiences took place in different countries, and reflect on how this methodology – that is nurtured from the diversity of participants origins, ages, experiences, and knowledge – can contribute to give space to more inclusive, complex, and representative projects. The lessons learned in this context can also contribute to other type of social projects.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Belén Arce Terceros
    Communications and editorial director at Chicas Poderosas, Chicas Poderosas
  • Gia Castello
    Program Director at Chicas Poderosas / Founder at Chicas Programando, Chicas Poderosas / Chicas Programando