Socially-conscious: Breaking news social media management in an health crisis

Social media messaging in the midst of a breaking news cycle: Social media and #coronavirus

In the middle of a breaking news cycle, social media plays an important and necessary role in driving the conversation and informing the public. What it needs to do more than ever in today’s political climate is to weed out disinformation. Dedicating efforts first and foremost to fast AND accurate information via social media is the best, most direct way to get information out to followers while establishing a trusted relationship as a go-to source on the topic with would-be viewers.

CBS has undertaken its own effort across the network and social media with “Coronavirus: Race to Respond”, dedicating some of its premier programming to wall-to-wall coverage of the virus and prevention measures.

At “Face the Nation” we spent 6 weeks worth of coronavirus coverage, with bookings ranging from the medical (FDA’s Dr. Scott Gottlieb) to administration officials (HHS Secretary Alex Azar) to the international angle (Chinese Amb. Cui Tiankai).

The panel would focus on best practices for handling a continuing breaking news story like coronavirus, the key voices that need to be featured throughout your social media and broadcast, and what steps need to be taken to have your social media seen as a trusted source of information and best representation for your given brand.

Audience: Beat reporters, social media managers, larger network representatives looking to use their brand for informative/educational coverage

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Emily Tillett
    Digital Producer, Face the Nation
  • TBD Centers for Disease Control press liaison