Want engagement? You have to PUSH it!

To get your audience super engaged: You have to PUSH it!

n this session, we’ll share tips and best practices for one of the best ways to reach your visitors – browser-based push notifications.

We’ll show you how you can achieve big audience numbers with innovative, replicable tactics.

Two of the strongest metrics to drive engagement are returning visitors and frequency of visits. Find out how you can increase those metrics and target readers with the content they want — without requiring them to come to a landing page or seeing the content in the middle of their packed, algorithm-driven social media feed.

We’ll also show how to take the extra step of making push notifications more engaging, tap-worthy — and less vague. We’ll also share what lessons we learned when things didn’t work.

Other questions we’ll answer:
— How many pushes should you send per day?
— How do you ask people to sign up?
— How many stories do you push?
— What content works best for push?
— Why pushes are way more effective than Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, we’ll discuss what’s next in the evolution of push technology.

Push has already demonstrated huge benefits for news organizations that are trying to drive habitual readership.

We hope you can join us for this groundbreaking session. We’ll also play a cool game at the end to get people engaged!

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Mark Francescutti
    Director of marketing and engagement, Dallas Morning News
  • Nicole Stockdale
    Director of digital strategy, Dallas Morning News