The Suggestion Box is open! See what’s new and submit your ONA20 pitches

What conversations do you want to lead, join and learn from at ONA20 in Atlanta? The ONA20 Suggestion Box, open now through April 23, is your opportunity to pitch session ideas and presenters focused on the trends and topics most important to you.

We’ve reorganized the pitch process this year around the session formats participants have told us are the most valuable to them. When we publish the program, you will have the opportunity to search by session formats, roles and key areas of focus.

Event designers are learning that most adults prefer a more interactive environment, rather than a passive one. On the whole, most people prefer a chance to create something, or share and reflect on their own experiences. At ONA20, we’re aiming to ensure that most sessions are interactive. We’ll have a variety of sessions along the spectrum of interactive to passive, but will dedicate less space to passive lectures or panels.

Here are the new session formats we are looking for during the pitch process for ONA20, along with the maximum number of presenters each session might reasonably accommodate:

Best practices: provide takeaways for tips and tricks for improving work; 3 presenters max

Case Studies / Under-the-Hood: sessions that provide a deep dive into a project, illuminating both successes and challenges; 2 presenters max

Learn a skill: workshops that provide a hard skill to take back to your organization; 3 facilitators max

Masterclass: a solo talk or fireside chat with a topical expert; 2 presenters max

Panel: a nuanced dive into a complex topic or challenge; 5 presenters max, including a moderator

Research: new information about the latest trends in news; 2 presenters max

Solutions gathering: get a group of people together in your network to dive into a current challenge and work to define a solution; 2 facilitators max

Template building: collaborate together on a template organizations could use to start a project or initiative, or improve workflows; 2 facilitators max

The deadline for Suggestion Box submissions is April 23, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. ET. Explore resources for pitching: