Blocklists and puppy photos: Brainstorming tools to navigate online abuse

Let’s put our heads together to talk shop about new and existing tools that help journalists, their allies and employers navigate online abuse, from one-click documentation and block-list sharing to support mobs and everything in between.

Online abuse is a pervasive and growing threat to press freedom. From impersonation accounts to doxing, an evolving range of tactics are being used to intimidate journalists into self-censorship and silence. What tools have third-party developers and social media platforms built to help users navigate online abuse, from preparation and response to self-care and support? What’s working and what isn’t? Where are the gaps? Join us to talk shop about one-click documentation, delegated access, block-list sharing, data scrubber subscriptions, support mobs, and everything in between. Let’s put our heads together to brainstorm new ideas for tools and services built with the needs of journalists, their allies, and their employers in mind.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Viktorya Vilk
    Program Director, Digital Safety and Free Expression, PEN America
  • Elodie Vialle
    Journalist and Knight Wallace Fellow, University of Michigan