Fundraising in a Crisis: Lessons from newsrooms that captured new audiences and ran effective campaigns during a pandemic and economic meltdown.

A takeaway toolkit and real-world examples of how newsrooms can optimize for spikes in traffic, develop loyalty and earn financial support in the midst of a crisis.

As the coronavirus crisis unfolded, the financial fallout hit local and regional newsrooms almost immediately. Yet, in the midst of confusion and concern, Nevada Independent, Berkeleyside and Bethesda Beat were nimble enough to take advantage of the increased traffic and reader interest, using it to build their case for financial support and essentialness. In this session, you’ll hear from newsroom execs on how they prioritized their efforts and the News Revenue Hub will provide helpful tools and strategies you can quickly deploy during the next crisis.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Jon Ralston
    CEO and Editor, The Nevada Independent
  • Tracey Taylor
    Co-Founder and Managing Editor, Berkeleyside