New Frontiers in Immersive Journalism 2020

Learn how to get started with the storytelling tools behind the most powerful augmented reality and virtual reality work of 2020.

Join us to learn how to transport your readers into a story or bring a story into the reader’s environment in 3D through augmented and virtual reality storytelling. With many of us sheltering in place this year, the value of an immersive connection is even more clear.

We’ll explore the rapidly evolving landscape of virtual and augmented reality through new storytelling examples and live demos. We’ll emphasize storytelling tools and software that are affordable and easy to use. This will be a lively session that should engage people new to the field and advanced producers who want to keep up with the latest trends.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Matt MacVey
    Academic Program Supervisor, AR/VR Journalism Lab, Newmark Graduate School of Journalism (CUNY)
  • Clàudia Prat