Why Collaboration Is a Must for Local Journalism

We are in the huddling-for-warmth phase of journalism: We will either work together to survive or we’ll wander off alone and die. Let’s not die.

This session will review best practices of successful collaborative efforts and will feature those who’ve run and participated in these collaboratives.

Collaboratives come in many shapes: Some feature newsrooms working together on a common theme; others feature groups of newsrooms collectively designing and using centralized technology (i.e. Newspack).

To successfully manage any collaborative effort, you need both hard skills (being able to organize the efforts of participants) and soft skills (managing the personalities required to ensure collaboration), and we’ll walk through the challenges any new collaborative will bring.

I’d like to bring on two experts in collaboration (Stefanie, Liza), one leader of a technology collaboration (Kinsey) and one participant (TBD).

The target audience for this would be those working in journalism looking to make the best use of limited resources and be positioned to unleash the collective power of an entire local media ecosystem.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Jim Brady
    CEO, Spirited Media Consulting
  • Kinsey Wilson
    President, Wordpress.com