How and why you should dox yourself

Grab your devices and learn how to outsmart abusive trolls bent on exposing and amplifying your personal info to the world wide web.

To develop and promote their work, journalists are expected to have a public profile online, from engaging on social media to building their own websites. In the face of a pandemic, more of our lives have shifted online than ever. Meanwhile, abusive trolls have gotten good at scouring the web to find journalists’ personal information and expose it to intimidate, humiliate, and silence their targets. Women and LGBTQ+ journalists and journalists of color are disproportionately targeted. Grab your devices for this hands-on workshop and learn how to track down what personal info is floating around online, get it taken down, and tighten your privacy while maintaining the public profile you need to do your job.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Viktorya Vilk
    Program Director, Digital Safety and Free Expression, PEN America
  • Harlo Holmes
    Director of Digital Security, Freedom of the Press Foundation