How inclusive storytelling makes better journalism: A deep-dive into Local Call’s reporting in Israel and Palestine

In this interactive session, we’ll learn how Local Call, an independent media outlet operating in Israel and Palestine, shines a spotlight on underrepresented communities and holds the powerful to account in an increasingly restrictive media environment.

Local Call is an independent Hebrew-language news site covering human and civil rights issues across Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, co-published by Just Vision and 972-Advancement for Citizen Journalism. Operating in an increasingly restrictive media environment, Local Call is a diverse team with a unique journalistic model that emphasizes inclusive and uncompromising reporting. Since its launch in 2014, Local Call has become a vital resource for those looking to cut through the noise on the most pressing issues in the region.

Through hard-hitting news, investigative reporting and nuanced analysis, Local Call shines a spotlight on underrepresented communities. Be it the Israeli government’s willful neglect of organized crime in Palestinian communities or the devastating impact of COVID-19 on asylum seekers, Local Call tells crucial stories that are often missed in the mainstream media. Local Call’s reporting is regularly picked up by leading Israeli and international outlets including Haaretz, The New York Times, The Washington Post and BBC, further amplifying the inclusive, on-the-ground perspective that our coverage offers.

In this session, journalists and editors operating in challenging media environments and looking to drive impact through their reporting will gain insights from Local Call’s Co-Directors. Participants will leave with lessons that transcend geography, equipping them with practical approaches to media-making that brings under-documented stories to the fore, combats sensationalist and problematic news cycles and catalyzes meaningful change.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Haggai Matar
    Co-Director, Local Call
  • Suhad Babaa
    Co-Director, Local Call