Innovation & Leadership: Why Do Approvals Take So D**n Long?

If you have pitched an innovative idea or new technology -or- you are a leader who is risk averse, this session is for you.

Business as usual is no longer working. In our current age of digital, social, and technology innovation, leaders must be decisive.

Startups can be just as slow as legacy companies when it comes to addressing critical business gaps and approving solutions. From efficient processes and clear criteria for approvals through the ability to take calculated risks and a willingness to depart from established ways of doing things, modern leaders must set the example of innovation as a cultural value…or get left behind.

The good news: innovation you need already exists. There is technology that will help expand your business model, create new business models, develop new products, create new revenue streams, and inform your consumers. Learn from innovative companies – large and small – how to create a streamlined decision-making process and the opportunity costs of failing to do so.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Dan Rater
    Co-Founder & CEO, Public Good, Inc.
  • TBD