How to develop and implement a TikTok strategy that works for your news brand – even if you have a tiny team

We have tips and tricks to help your news organization reach a younger demographic on TikTok while staying on-brand, even if you’re strapped for resources.

TikTok has seen phenomenal growth, with Sensor Tower estimating that the app was downloaded 315 million times during the first quarter of 2020. It’s possible for news organizations to make their mark on this hot platform – even if you aren’t the Washington Post. In a presentation adapted from one designed for post-secondary journalism students and Global News journalists, we will share best practices for navigating this popular video app in a way that makes sense for your news brand without draining your limited resources. We’ll share how some news organizations are already finding an authentic way to connect with TikTok users. It can be difficult to come up with a concept for a TiKTok treatment, but we’ll pass along some ways you can find inspiration. We’ll discuss how and when to jump on a trending song or hashtag. We believe in working smarter, not harder, so included in the presentation are ways to repurpose your existing content and leverage your staff. Along the way we’ll discuss censorship and security concerns as well as analyze the risks and rewards when taking the plunge on a new platform.
Note: this session would include a mini “learn a skill” workshop with practical tips to take your TikToks to the next level. If desired, we’re prepared to expand the workshop to allow participants to create their own TikToks.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Shauna Rempel
    National Managing Editor, Global News
  • Mathilde Augustin
    Social Media Editor, Global News