Integrating SEO into Product

Learn how to integrate SEO in to your product development so that your news site will always get the best chance to achieve SEO success.

Maintaining a news website that adheres to all of Google’s requirements is an ongoing challenge, especially with Google’s rapid pace of change and constant algorithm updates. Ensuring your news articles can be speedily crawled and flawlessly indexed can mean the difference between Top Stories success or languishing in the hidden depths of Google News.

In this talk you’ll learn the core processes of Google’s search engine – crawling, indexing, and ranking – and how you can ensure your web product remains at the forefront of Google’s algorithms.

A basic understanding of Google’s search engine ecosystem is crucial to making the right decisions when it comes to improving your web platform. In addition to the search engine fundamentals, we’ll explore aspects of Google’s news-focused ecosysten including the News vertical and how these are treated differently from regular Google search results. Technologies like JavaScript and structured data will be covered, as well as optimising load speed and ticking all the right boxes for mobile SEO.

Lastly we’ll share some optimization tactics that can be automated to a degree to facilitate strong Google rankings in your website’s key topical areas.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Barry Adams
    SEO Consultant, Polemic Digital