Leadership in a series of 2×2 framework

Learn how to apply this powerful yet simple tools to effectively navigate your decision making process for your work projects, products development, team management and personal career.

Decisions are hard when you don’t have an abundance of qualitative information. The 2×2 Matrix is a visual tool that business leaders and consultants use to help them make decisions. The technique involves creating a 2×2 matrix with opposing characteristics on each end of the spectrum. You then sort your ideas and insights according to where they fall in the matrix. What are some areas of decision in your work or your own life where you can apply the matrix? Come to this session and practice how this tool will help make your decision process more clear.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Sharon Chan
    Vice President of Philanthropy, New York Times
  • Paul Cheung
    Director/Journalism + Technology Innovation, Knight Foundation