Real Talk about Working Remotely: Get Organized, Stay Connected, Crush Goals

As more digital media workers go remote, this interactive speed-dating/small table session will help participants create the best working environment to communicate, to be productive, and to be successful.

During the coronavirus pandemic, entire newsrooms went remote, demonstrating that indeed, journalism can happen successfully outside the traditional newsroom. For people in digital media who work remotely or want to work remotely, regardless of where they are in their career, this session will offer real talk about working outside the normal office environment.

Topics we will explore: setting up your workspace, how to communicate up and down the chain to networking, skill growth, being visible, and establishing work habits that will lead to productivity and success from your home office, coworking space, or that hipster coffee shop down the street. This will be real talk about what actually works when doing this long-term. Participants will hear about hard lessons learned from people who’ve been working remotely well before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

The session format will be the speed-dating/small table style, with different topics and table leaders who will guide discussion and offer suggestions. We envision tables that cover topics like a) tools to get organized, b) tricks to managing people c) feeling connected to and seen by others, and d) how to stay focused and productive with unfolded laundry in the next room.

The small table/speed dating format is personalized, welcoming, and earnest. It’s a wonderful way to share advice and build tip sheets for what has become the new normal in digital media.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Megha Satyanarayana
    Senior Editor, Chemical & Engineering News
  • Haley Correll
    Social Media, American Red Cross