Reframing Economic Mobility: Lessons from Broke in Philly

We’ll discuss best practices for reporting on economic hardship in a way that builds trust and authenticity.

As the terrible economic toll of COVID-19 takes shape, it’s more important than ever that reporters and editors dig deep into their reporting on hardship and poverty and retool it for a new era. We’ll dive into what we’ve learned from our 24 newsroom partners in Broke in Philly and from our Reframe initiative to present best practices on reporting with authenticity and accuracy. Attendees will walk away with concrete guidance on reporting for (and not just about) people experiencing poverty and how to using precise, humanizing language and framing to build trust with their communities.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Aubrey Nagle
    Reframe Editor, Resolve Philly
  • André Natta
    Broke in Philly Editor, Resolve Philly