Speed Skillsharing

Spend six minutes swapping a skill or idea with each of your fellow skillsharers.

Like speed dating, speed skillsharing sends participants around a room — not to tepidly flirt, but to swap skills. Got a trick for designing a quick ‘n’ dirty infographic? How about a swift demo of Chartbeat’s Advanced Queries? The more varied the skills, the better, so attendees from all walks of journalism are encouraged to apply.

NOTE TO ORGANIZERS: This session will have to be capped to however many six-minute shares will fit in the allotted time. Here’s how it works: Half of the sharers sit, and the other half move. At each station, Sharer 1 presents their skill for three minutes and Sharer 2 does the same. When the bell sounds, the movers move and new pairs initiate sharing.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Holly J. Morris
    Digital Storytelling Specialist, NPR