The Business of Storytelling

Build a business around successful storytelling! We’ll share engaging, local media branded content examples that use your best assets as storytellers to build a business around storytelling.

Branded content is a successful revenue strategy that local media organizations of all types can master. This session will be broken up into 2 sections – examples and idea-generation and a hands-on workshop. The session will be engaging for executives, content creators, and everyone in between.

Section 1 – Examples and Idea Generation
We’ll share high impact examples from local media organizations of all shapes and sizes that fall into 4 categories of branded content success:
1. DIY and Explainer Focused Examples
2. The Advertiser as the Expert Focused Examples
3. Cause Marketing and Community Focused Examples
4. Audience Focused Examples

Section 2 – Storyteller Workshop
We’ll break into small groups to take the 4 methods we learned about, and create a branded story for a common household item (scotch tape, band-aids, Mac and Cheese.) The goal of the workshop is to showcase how great storytelling is effective for brands but also engaging content for the audience.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Julia Campbell
    The Branded Content Project Lead, Local Media Association / Local Media Consortium