College Newsrooms Serving Local Communities

Knight-Wallace Fellow Chantel Jennings and college newsroom editors discuss how college newsrooms can play a larger role in local reporting in an era of growing local news deserts.

As a Knight-Wallace Fellow, journalist Chantel Jennings spent the last year developing a national survey that was sent to 620 college newsrooms across America on the state of college journalism and its ability to provide local news coverage. The results shed light on some of the issues faced including college newsroom funding, newsroom diversity and how they see themselves in the overall news landscape during an era of growing news deserts. As a facilitator, she’ll be joined by three to four college editors-in-chief who’ve overseen innovative reporting that falls outside of the conventional scope of college newspaper reporting. This solutions gathering workshop can help local newsrooms, professional organizations, internship coordinators and journalism educators better understand not only college newsrooms but also the larger potential role that college newsrooms can play in local reporting.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Chantel Jennings
    Knight-Wallace Fellow, Knight-Wallace Fellowship