This is fine does not mean this is fine

When the world comes to a near-halt, how to keep your head up and pursue the story

COVID-19 felt like the popular ‘This is Fine’ webcomic had come to life for journalists. While the world came to a near-halt, reporters and newsrooms remained committed to their essential work and brought communities the facts and information they needed most. The recent pandemic is not the first time it’s felt like the room is on fire, and journalists just have to say “This is fine”. When the world is watching, it leaves little room for reporters to have concern over their own well-being, mental health, and family life. Stacy Ishmael and Sisi Wei teaches a masterclass on how to balance your crisis with the world’s crisis, while still reporting.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Stacy Ishmael
    Editorial director, Texas tribune
  • Sisi Wei
    Director of Programs, OpenNews