We studied push notifications for a year, and here is what we learned

Learn about best practices for using push notifications and the metrics media organizations should be using to measure success.

Push notifications can be a powerful way to deliver content and engage readers. In this session, we’ll share what we learned over the past year about best practices for using push notifications in newsrooms. We will discuss how media outlets big and small can develop strategies for using push notifications. We will also talk about how media outlets should be measuring success when it comes to push notifications.

Virginia Arrigucci of the Associated Press and Krystal Knapp of Princeton Community Media were 2019-20 Reynolds Journalism Institute fellows studying push notification use for media outlets. Their research included consumer surveys, focus groups, publisher surveys, and analyses of push notification data.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Randy Picht
    Executive Director, Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute
  • Krystal Knapp
    Founder, Princeton Community Media