How Canva Is Helping Newsrooms (plus, get free Pro access)

[This story was written by Jonathan Harley, Head of News and Media Strategy at Canva. Canva is providing support to ONA20 Everywhere.] Whether you’re major digital publisher covering the fast-moving Trump COVID hospitalisation or the plucky news start-up making sense of Australia’s national budget, you need great-looking graphics produced with speed and consistency. […]

Where To Find Facebook, Instagram & CrowdTangle At ONA20 [Sponsored]

[This story was written by Facebook Journalism Project, which is providing support to ONA20 Everywhere.] The Facebook Journalism Project is once again pleased to support ONA20 Everywhere. Our goal at this year’s conference is to share lessons learned from some of our highest-impact initiatives, while shipping the latest product knowledge and supporting your questions at Office Hours. Here’s […]

Uncovering the Truth: Using Everlaw to Review Your Data [Sponsored]

[This story was written by Everlaw, who is providing support to ONA20 Everywhere.] Journalists have witnessed the evolution of investigative reporting in an era of skyrocketing data volumes, shrinking newsrooms and smaller budgets. With the expectation for journalists to do more with fewer resources, many are turning to digital tools to bolster their reporting armory […]