Zeroes and Ones: The career change you never saw coming

A frustrated restaurateur and a bored librarian turn in their knives and catalogues in exchange for careers as technologists, taking part in building out the tools that power digital media at NPR.

Have you heard the one where a restaurateur and a librarian walk into a public media organization and find fruitful careers in technology? Come hear the true story of two technologists at NPR whose atypical journeys into the industry have shaped both their current work and future aspirations. Alison and Kris reflect on what it’s been like to overcome career self-doubt, cultivate confidence in their skills, and find purpose in the work they do at a mission-driven organization.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Alison Hofer
    Support Analyst, National Public Radio
  • Kris Kagei
    Junior Software Developer, National Public Radio