ONA20 will feature some of the brightest minds in digital journalism. Here you’ll find all the resources available from the conference. It may take up to two weeks after the conference for all content to be posted.

Until then, catch up on the sessions from last year’s ONA19 conference in New Orleans, or browse through the resources from over 400 ONA conference sessions dating back to 2011.

Audience development & metrics

Session Video Blog Audio Docs
Automate Your Website without Losing Your Newsroom
Creating Loyal Audiences with Pop-up Newsletters
How Crosswords and Other Puzzles Can Create More Loyal Readers (and Higher Revenue)
Digital Platform Habit-Formation: A News Products Case Study
The Emerging Audience and Product Development Playbook for Small/Midsize Newsrooms
Experiment and Iterate for Balanced Workflow and Editorial Buy-in
Filling the Gaps Between Podcast Episodes
[FEATURED] The Global State of Engagement: Reader Behavior in a Year Like No Other
Valuing Journalism in a World of Near-infinite Content
Journalism’s Technology Problem
Making Analytics Useful to Journalists: Best Practices and Core Principles
Managing Metrics that Matter for Subscriptions
Measuring the Impact of Engaged Journalism
Quick + Scrappy Audience Research: Leveraging Newsletters to Learn About Your Audience
What We Learned Studying Push Notifications for a Year
How to Recreate Relationships with Local Audiences
Engaging with Reddit’s Endless Content: Broader Coverage, Better Journalism
The Shift to Loyalty: Evolving Business Models Changing the Metrics that Matter
U.S. 2020 Elections SEO Battleground

Emerging technology

Session Video Blog Audio Docs
A Guide to Immersive Ethics
AI in Journalism
ONA20 Closing + [FEATURED] Defending Democracy and News
Election 2020: Combating Misinformation, Disinformation & Deepfakes [Sponsored]
IVOW and Cultural AI
Mapping Local News: An Automated Approach
Can You Make a Slide Deck? You Can Create a Video!
Creating a Nimble Newsletter Workflow Optimized for New Ideas
Scaling Reader Engagement With Machine Learning
Investigating AI and Surveillance Technology in Your Community [Sponsored]
Microsoft AI: Empowering the Art and Science of Journalism [Sponsored]
[FEATURED] 13th Annual Tech Trends in Journalism
The Pandemic Tech Stack
Using Physical Space for Storytelling

Innovative news storytelling

Session Video Blog Audio Docs
America the Voiceless: A Podcast Diving Deep Into Voter Suppression During the 2020 Election
Artists Against an #Infodemic
Journalism and the Pandemic: Assessing COVID-19's First Impacts While Preparing for the Second Wave
[FEATURED] Behind the Scenes of The FinCEN Files
Bringing Climate Change and Solutions Home to Your Audience
Collaborative Fact Checking 101 (in English)
Collaborative Fact Checking 101 (In Spanish)
College Newsrooms Serving Local Communities
Covering American Muslims
COVID Disinformation and the Global Infodemic
How Data Journalism and A Cross-section Strategy is Helping Tell the Climate and Biodiversity Crisis Stories
Designing Climate Havens: The Role of Speculative Fiction in Climate Coverage
Election 2020: Emergency Scenario Planning with ONA Local and Election SOS
[FEATURED] Expansive, Creative Storytelling With the Hosts of Radiolab
The Missing Link: Filling Critical Info Gaps with Student Journalists
Gimme Beat?! How Should We Use Music in Journalism?
How Automated Tweets Can Warn about Fires in the Amazon
“Under the Hood”: Innovation in Newsletters
#JuntasMejores: Addressing Underrepresented Issues through Collaborative Journalism
Lifestyle and Service Journalism in the Age of Covid-19
Loved and Lost: How Collaborative Journalism Can Help Newsrooms Tell the Stories of COVID-19 Victims
The Metaverse, Gaming and the Future of the Internet
Reframing Economic Mobility Reporting
[FEATURED] Fireside Chat: Reframing Video News with Jessica Yellin
Semi-closed Groups and Communities: A Best Practice Guide for Reporting
[REGISTER IN ADVANCE] Speed Skillsharing
[Featured] Strategizing Global and Local Coverage for Uncertain Times with Darius Walker
TikTok in the Newsroom: A Strategy for Would-Be Users
Develop and Implement a TikTok Strategy for News, Even if You’re a Tiny Team
USAFacts Voter Center, with Poppy MacDonald
Under the Hood with the New York Times Visual Investigations Team
Verifying User Generated Content in Iran: A “Closed Country” Workshop
What if All Covid‑19 Deaths in Brazil Happened in Your Neighborhood?
What Local Journalists Need Most to Cover COVID-19 (and How We're Finding Out)

Leadership development

Session Video Blog Audio Docs
Bolster Your Digital Safety: An Anti-Hacking, Anti-Doxing Workshop
Be a Better Partner: Protecting Sources and Their Information
Career Advice from the Women's Leadership Accelerator
The Choire Sicha Masterclass: A Framework for Reading, Writing and Pitching
Creating a Reckoning: Adaptive Leadership and Inclusionary Spaces
ONA20 Welcome + [Featured] More Equitable Coverage for Black America
Fika med SVT: Culture Change, Over Coffee and Cake
[FEATURED] Fireside Chat: María Elena Salinas, American Media Icon
[FEATURED] Fireside Chat with Katie Couric
How to Future-Proof Your Career
Diversity, Mentorship and Leadership: The Important Work of College Newsrooms
Moving Beyond the Concept and Incorporating Fault Lines in News Coverage
Managing and Reimagining Remote Work Culture: A From-Scratch Guide
Managing from Afar: How to Manage Up, Down and Across when the Entire Operation is Decentralized
Mentoring Student Journalists in the Midst of a Pandemic
ONA20 Lightning Talks
From Participation to Collaboration: Building Power with Communities
Publisher 101; NewStart’s First Class
Memo to J-Schools: Teach Students to Pivot

Revenue & business models

Session Video Blog Audio Docs
10 Things to Know about Pitching for Funding
Better Together: Merging Newsrooms for a New Public Media
Bridging “Church and State” with Integrity: How and When to Work Together
Content-Sharing is the Media Industry's Response to the Sharing Economy
Fundraising for Journalism 101: A Crash Course for Developing Philanthropic Support
Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste: Lessons Learned from Fundraising in a Pandemic
How Nikkei Improves Subscriber Retention with a Three-question Survey
Lessons Learned From Launching a Subscription Business for a Legacy Magazine Brand
Leadership in a Series of 2×2 Frameworks
The Member-driven Newsroom: What it Is, How to Become One and How to Make it Stick
Content-Sharing is the Media Industry's Response to the Sharing Economy
Preparing for the Cookieless World: How to Engage and Monetize Content in 2021 + Beyond
What About the Money? The Journey to Pay Great Journalists